Xining this year to do practical projects have been fully completed

in Xining municipal government attaches great importance to and vigorously promote, in 2012 the municipal government to determine the top 10 categories of 47 livelihood projects do practical projects, has been fully completed.

municipal government in 2012 to determine the livelihood of the people to do practical projects, plans to invest 3 billion 500 million 630 thousand yuan. At the end of November, the whole village poverty alleviation projects, afforestation projects, new rural building lighting projects 19 projects over the completion of project construction tasks, projects accounted for 40% of the total; the contiguous rural environment remediation projects, city and rural residents issued temporary subsidies, an engineering project of primary and secondary schools, Nanshan green barrier two project 22 projects to complete the objectives and tasks, accounting for 47% of the total project; smooth project, flood warning and command center project, new and renovation of urban drainage network project, comprehensive service project of the two phase of the project, Xining city business incubator project, "two wastes" center construction project 6 construction projects has completed the annual fixed asset investment targets, next year will continue to accelerate the project plan. After the adjustment of the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Criminal Technology Laboratory Project, has been fully completed and put into use.

in the project implementation process, the municipal government office repeatedly supervision of project progress, and in conjunction with the development and reform, finance, planning, project office and key project office and other departments for dragnet inspection and supervision, supervise the project implementation units, grasp the progress of rush period, quality. On the slow progress of the 14 projects, led by the Deputy Secretary General in charge of the site to carry out in-depth tracking supervision and focus on supervision, to help solve the problems in the project construction, to ensure the early completion of the project. (author: Shi Fei)

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