Xining eight intimate measures warm and difficult masses

from two one-time subsidies and subsidies to hydropower stage living allowance, a one-time payment of premium from two months to increase low temporary assistance for marginalized people and vagrants and beggars…… With eight staff constantly measures in place, Xining City, 160 thousand urban and rural poor people will spend the winter in the warmth of Spring Festival ushered in the year of the snake.

according to the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau responsible person, Xining city currently has low object, rural residents and urban and rural five objects such as the difficulties of the masses of more than 160 thousand people. In order to the party and the government’s concern and care for the masses of the difficulties in the implementation of the Xining city to take eight effective measures to ensure that the city’s urban and rural people have a warm spring festival, comfortable.

these eight intimate initiatives include by the municipal government out of 1 million 520 thousand yuan payment stage living subsidies for city destitute persons, the city’s 3200 "three persons", the disabled and long-term bedridden patients, orphans in December of last year to continue until May of this year living subsidies, 80 yuan per person per month; timely allocated half of urban and rural low premium 151 million 840 thousand yuan, asked the District yuan in the month before the end of the first two months of this year, guaranteeing payment of a one-time payment in place; for the city’s 31448 city residents object heating issued 14 million 590 thousand yuan relief funds; to eliminate the price hike for hydropower trapped warm masses add the burden of electric charges 10 of electricity for urban and rural residents and the rural five guarantees monthly, annual reduction of 3 million 88 thousand yuan for 66 thousand households, issued 2.4 yuan of water subsidies for the city residents per household per month throughout the year, 17 thousand households water subsidies 48 .8 million; for the marginalized people due to the temporary and emergency cause temporary difficulties in family life, to give temporary relief in accordance with the 500 yuan to 3000 yuan, in December last year has been to rescue 715 people, per capita 1477 yuan relief; for 4 million 950 thousand yuan, annual relief begging personnel 14120 people (Times), from last year beginning in November of each year to February 25th the following year as a special relief group focus on the time period, around the clock to carry out inspections and rescue; take a variety of forms of condolences to the affected people, special poverty, urban and rural residents and rural beneficiaries, and to verify the minimum target information, timely two one-time life subsidy payment in place; timely allocated grants preferential treatment 71 million 600 thousand yuan and Medicaid payments 4 million 810 thousand yuan; the timely development of the relief program, relief funds and materials allocated, to ensure the basic livelihood of the affected people and warm Section. (author: Han Yihua Xiao Liu)

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