Jiefang Road city community to carry out the Xining Jian day activities

August 25th is the thirty-fourth in Xining "the construction of national sanitary city", in order to consolidate and enhance the architectural achievements, the implementation of long-term management, to create a clean, beautiful and comfortable living environment, the comity Street office Jiefang Road community organizations of all community workers in the area to carry out a comprehensive investigation focus earnestly to establish long-term consolidate achievements "as the theme of" Jian Wei day "health campaign.

at 10 in the morning, the cleaning staff wages there is a problem, not a few days to clean up the courtyard, the new new Lane Lane No. 24 hospital health has led to poor environmental health, residents reflect very strong, after the coordination of leadership, the Jiefang Road community staff examined the environmental health focus on remediation the hospital, the hospital is cluttered, dead garbage for a thorough cleaning. After all the hard work, all the hospital cleaning clean, clean up cluttered at more than 6, more than 10, messy post compression garbage truck car. At the same time, the day of my community all community staff also continue to above hospital garbage before spraying mosquitoes and flies in the disinfection medicine, to ensure that the vast number of residents have a safe living environment.

through the activities to enhance the residents of the area, "Jian Wei day" awareness, and further enhance the awareness of residents to maintain clean and clean sanitation environment awareness, so as to better consolidate the achievements of the Xining city health. (author: Li Jin,)


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