Car home car orders hot

The advent of the car, the new car release, as well as a number of car manufacturers unprecedented price promotions, are being held in the evening of the South Auto Show earned enough popularity. October 3rd auto sales of nearly 300 cars, sales of up to $about 30000000, of which the price of 200 thousand yuan in the following family car orders hot.

October 3rd, evening news show South into the fifth day, the exhibition still popular, most people came to see the family as a unit, parents with children in one family happily choose car is the most intimate picture show. Mr. Zhao couple live in Huangzhong County, I heard the evening news show held in the south of the city, they took the bus early in the morning came to the south. Mr. Zhao told reporters that now living conditions are good, many relatives and friends have bought a car, no matter where they are very convenient. He and his wife came to the show is to choose a car, economic, practical car is their first choice.

on this show, economical and practical, suitable for home use passenger cars accounted for the majority, and a variety of models prices are bigger than ever, for example, the French president has Dongfeng Citroen C5 price 30 thousand yuan, so many Car Buying who shouted "good". The reporter saw, FAW Volkswagen, Dongfeng fashion, Excelle auto sales exhibition consultants in a continuous line, Excelle car shopping guide staff said to reporters, the Excelle car sales prices, the biggest price cut in a car straight down 25 thousand yuan, at present, only Buick series cars had been under the orders of 5 units, sales optimistic about the situation.

interview, a number of car dealers reflected in the current auto show, home car sales hot. From the show to sign the situation, from 80 thousand yuan to about $150 thousand budget family car, is the most popular models of consumers. At the same time, the majority of people in addition to the price, but also very concerned about the brand of the car, driving comfort of the car, the relevant configuration, after-sales service, etc.. In order to participate in this show, dealers have been carefully prepared, some of the more popular models are available, the car can be directly after the new car to go home, which makes many people happy. (author: Xiao Yan)


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