Advanced grassroots party organizations and Party members were commended

In June 30th, the Xining Municipal Administration Committee held a party to celebrate the 93 anniversary of the municipal authorities and recognition of the advanced Party building work to observe the scene, to celebrate the 93 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, promote the organs of the party’s mass line educational practice in depth, inspire and mobilize all levels of Party organizations, Party members and municipal authorities to carry out the party’s purpose, to forge ahead in promoting economic and social the development of Xining City, make contributions.The

conference were commended in recent years Xining evening news agency 37 advanced grassroots party organizations, Zhan Peixiong and other 33 outstanding Party members, Zhang Hongqi and other 25 outstanding Party cadres and advanced unit in the study have emerged nationwide reading activities into the organ activities in construction, party organization and the "learning star", of the Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department Party obligations service team 10 photography show "top ten party volunteer service team" the name and flag of the third session of the Xining city workers skills contest and the third session of the municipal authorities of document writing and computer skills competition "champion", "Star Technology" and "technical experts" are in recognition, and called on the party organizations at all levels, under the authority of the party members and party workers, to be advanced as an example, remember our mission, identify the location, practice For the mass line, in promoting reform and development as a pioneer, set a good example in the service of the people, and promote the party’s mass line educational practice, constantly enhance the party organization’s cohesive force and fighting capacity, improve the Party cadres authority influence, propaganda force, to make new contributions to accelerate the "two city" construction. Participants also watched the city forestry bureau and grass-roots unit party features highlights the work, on the base of education of Forestry Bureau of Party members, party room, auditorium and moral construction of grass-roots organizations, public affairs party were carried out to observe and learn.


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