1 billion 800 million investment in the development of the eastern urban agglomeration Education

In order to fully implement the provincial government on promoting the strategic deployment in Xining city as the center of the eastern city construction group, the provincial development and Reform Commission attaches great importance to focus on the construction of the eastern city of group of the general requirements, strategic tasks and major initiatives, actively raising construction funds, will invest 1 billion 800 million yuan this year, to further improve the eastern city group the educational infrastructure, improve the public service system of education.It is reported that this year in the

, these funds will focus on the implementation of the new campus of Qinghai Normal University, School of standardization, university infrastructure, teacher turnover dormitory, middle school renovation project, promote preschool education in ethnic minority areas is weak in high school, secondary occupation school, special education schools, the school a total of ten Haidong core area 70 projects, total project construction the size of 445 thousand square meters.

days ago, the provincial development and Reform Commission has issued 1 billion 580 million yuan of funds. Through the implementation of these projects, will further improve the level of equalization of education in the eastern city of group, to meet the people’s demand for education of public services, to further enhance the comprehensive service functions of the eastern city of group, to improve the bearing capacity, enhance the agglomeration and radiation, lay a good foundation for the construction of the eastern city of group livable industry.


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