Huangzhong police fine forging combat effectiveness

146 police Huangzhong County Public Security Bureau police cooperation and learning into the Tsinghua University; to build a long-term training base; police culture ruran police "mood". The municipal government proposed fine management, combining the work of public security, the Municipal Public Security Bureau clear point of public security fine management services and key point, Huangzhong County Public Security Bureau to act quickly to implement the Huangzhong county Party committee and government to build a harmonious new Huangzhong requirements, combined with the characteristics of their own situation, according to the new security situation. The implementation of sophisticated management, creating the learning type public security organs, building construction of police culture. The novelty of the fine management gradually accepted by people, the police have the details from the perspective of the vital interests of the masses of every small thing, strengthen service measures, improve the level of law enforcement, and strive to build a satisfaction of the masses and the government assured the public security team.

Culture — the taste of fine style for other police

into the Huangzhong County Public Security Bureau, immediately feel a kind and dignity of the breath, each layer of the corridor can be seen everywhere the daily work of the police, theatrical performances and silhouette painting photography, painting a beautiful picture together a cultural corridor. The cultural construction in Huangzhong County Public Security Bureau, for the construction of police culture connotation and essence is the key to the Bureau. Police culture gallery is divided into a harmonious community, law enforcement people, police, police culture, knowledge of the police work papers and other topics, the rational use of office space corridor suspension, and hung in a conspicuous place block aphorisms and police spirit content, in order to immerse the details from the police "mood".The design of

integration to combat to fine management

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