Huangyuan County People’s livelihood projects to promote the coordinated development of social under

Huangyuan county set up the small finances do big people "concept, the fiscal expenditure accelerated inclined to people’s livelihood, to further highlight the function of public finance

Huangyuan county set up the small finances do big people "concept, the fiscal expenditure accelerated inclined to people’s livelihood, to further highlight the function of public finance. To speed up the pace of education layout adjustment, and constantly improve the teaching conditions of infrastructure, Dahua, Ba Yan Center School of the school safety project has completed acceptance, nalon port, East gap, wave boat, tower bay, Ba Yan 5 Rural Kindergartens in the main project has been completed; actively implement the rural compulsory education to improve student nutrition plan, the implementation of nutritious meals the special subsidy funds 2 million 429 thousand and 700 yuan, benefiting more than 8000 students from 14 thousand primary and middle school students; comprehensive operation this cost, realize the stage of compulsory education students "zero burden". In the last year to raise funds to buy 6 school buses on the basis of this year continue to raise funds to buy 9 school buses to ease the difficulty of rural primary and secondary school students. To speed up the construction of social security system, officially launched the maternity insurance, the county’s 128 administrative units, 3629 cadres and workers for the first time included in the scope of maternity insurance; continue to promote the expansion of social insurance collection, medical insurance for urban residents, the new rural social pension insurance, medical insurance rate reached 92%, 85% and 98.5%, issued all kinds of pension 33 million 903 thousand and 500 yuan, reimbursement of medical expenses 21 million 749 thousand and 800 yuan, benefiting 44 thousand and 500 people (times). Solid employment assistance training work, 636 new urban jobs. Complete the task of reform, and constantly improve the basic conditions of health care, strictly implement the system of medical assistance, medical assistance objects and critical poverty population to achieve barrier free hospitalization; continue to strengthen food and drug safety, comprehensive office building, county health authority hospital Si Zhai Xiang business houses, 2000 sanitary latrines in rural areas such as the construction progress of the project well, completed an investment of 5 million 560 thousand yuan. To further improve and perfect the mechanism of urban and rural minimum living security, city residents issued minimum payment of 8 million 260 thousand yuan, the implementation of medical assistance one-stop service, assisting the number of 1023 people (Times), paid 2 million 610 thousand yuan relief funds. Steadily promote the construction of affordable housing, 800 dilapidated rural reconstruction, the construction of rural housing has been started in the construction of 1000 rural households, the introduction of the 216 sets of low rent public rental. Accelerate the implementation of radio and television "village", "household project, ChinaSat 9 satellite facilities installed 4000 units, completed the county 8000 cable television subscribers to digital integration. To create a "safe Huangyuan", carry out the comprehensive management of social management innovation, the implementation of the "grid" management model, the realization of the refinement of social management. In order to promote national unity and progress, and the safety of places of religious activity management, planning, science and technology, statistics, industry and commerce, women and children, Yongjunyouzhu work made comprehensive progress.


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