General secretary Xi Jinping 71 important speech caused strong repercussions in the cadres and the m

day, our province cadres and the masses to watch and listen to celebrate the 95 anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of China conference live via radio and television, network etc., seriously study and understand the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s "71" speech, quickly set off the upsurge of learning. The cadres and the masses have said, to remember and practice the General Secretary Xi not forget the early heart, great caution continues to move forward, with a more strong sense of historical mission, more political enthusiasm, innovation is more powerful, more pragmatic style of work, for building a well-off society and a China dream chapter in Qinghai and make unremitting efforts.

the majority of Party members and cadres believe that we must adhere to the faith does not waver. To study series important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping to implement the Marx doctrine China the latest theoretical achievements, standpoints and methods to master contains the Marx doctrine, learn to do really understand the true believers really, truly armed minds to guide practice and promote the work of.

"to the general secretary of the important speech as a guide to action, the Communist Party’s belief, mission and play into their blood, infiltrating into bones, historical heritage, remember our mission, dry in reality in the forefront, and don’t forget the heart, continue to move forward." Xiong Yizhi, deputy director of the provincial personnel office.

, deputy director of the office of the Provincial Department of education Li Haisheng said, learned speech, more firm ideals and beliefs, sense of purpose must not be forgotten, will be the party’s education policy to implement the work of hundred-percent education to make efforts to improve the people’s satisfaction with education.

"faith is the soul and lifeblood of the Communist Party of China, is the source of power to overcome difficulties and win victory. We need to service the party and the people’s cause of all the work as the foothold, solidly for cadres and talents, the work of Party building." Provincial Party Committee Organization Department Director Zhu Zhiguo said two.

of the cadres and the masses, to comprehensively and accurately and deeply understand the spirit of the speech habits, especially the General Secretary Xi on the major requirements of Qinghai work "three solid", carrying out work, write Chinese features of the Qinghai chapter of socialism, to 2020 to ensure synchronization with the national building a well-off society.

provincial inspection team leader Gao Xinrong, Qiao Xiaohuan said, to implement the spirit of the speech to the specific inspection work, adhere to the problem oriented, strengthen the responsibility to play, dare to seriously tackle tough problems, work together to complete the inspection task, and never live up to the central and provincial people’s expectations and trust.

Director of the Political Department of the Public Security Department of

province Han is said with deep feeling: "listening to the general secretary’s speech, as a vivid lectures. As a police officer, we must firmly establish the concept of the people above, do a solid defender of social security, do a good job of serving the masses of practitioners, to do a good job of maintaining the fairness and justice."

we want to follow the ‘131’ general requirements, mobilize the majority of young people to actively participate in the construction of the "three zones", to promote youth entrepreneurship, youth poverty alleviation work, help Qinghai and the country simultaneously build a moderately prosperous society." Mission province;

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