200 million environmental protection special fund to boost our city year

The first half of the year, I fight to the central and provincial environmental protection and ecological protection of special funds 217 million 260 thousand yuan, the strong support of the model, for the construction of a beautiful summer, a new pattern of ecological form hydrophilic, near the green, pleasant and laid a good foundation.

special funds include: utilization and harmless treatment pilot city grant funds 2 million 400 thousand yuan of kitchen waste recycling, a new daily processing capacity of 60 tons of food waste harmless disposal field; pollution control 110 million 700 thousand yuan of special funds, focusing on the Huangshui River Basin pollution control, intercepting sewer, ecological construction and renovation of rural mining; comprehensive environmental remediation funds 104 million 160 thousand yuan, to the East, north of the city of Huangzhong City, and Huangyuan, Datong, 9 area, 129 villages in the implementation of the rural environment contiguous remediation, mainly on rural drinking water source safety protection, garbage and sewage pollution processing, livestock manure composting. Through comprehensive management, outstanding environmental problems in rural areas have been effectively resolved, the ability to significantly improve the prevention and control of pollution in rural areas, the living environment has been significantly improved, the rural population of 193 thousand people.


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