Black porcelain solar collector system successfully installed in greenhouse can be installed to warm

black porcelain solar collector system can effectively solve the winter greenhouse temperature is too large, low soil temperature, crop growth is slow, a series of problems such as


can be installed in greenhouse heating, Qinghai Huayuan new energy technology development Co. Ltd. in the Li Shan town of Huangzhong County, 890 thousand yuan investment, set to provide heating system successfully for 600 square meters, the greenhouse, which efficiently solves the greenhouse temperature difference in winter cold area is too large, the soil temperature is too low, slow growth of crops dysplasia, a series of problems.

This new

greenhouse heating device is corrosion resistant, heat collecting system with low cost and long service life of the black porcelain solar thermal energy storage, will be the day down at night with the floor radiant heating way, i.e. heating to release heat, the heat compensation for greenhouse.

as the Qinghai youth entrepreneurship Park incubating enterprises in Qinghai Huayuan New Energy Company, is a company specializing in solar thermal, photovoltaic products research and development, production and sales of solar energy; solar thermostatic biogas engineering, engineering design and construction; renewable energy and equipment R & D, production and sales of integrated high-tech company limited. In recent years, the provincial government introduced a series of supporting the development of small and micro enterprises supported by the policy research company to promote the use of black ceramic composite ceramic solar panel based "warmth" project has achieved considerable social and economic benefits. It is widely used in the field of plateau construction, power generation and facility agriculture.

according to company chairman Qiao Jianhua, the new black porcelain solar warm type solar greenhouse can be stable temperature in Greenhouse in winter is more than 10 DEG C, the temperature increase of 6 degrees centigrade, and coal temperature increase compared to the traditional, saving more than 78%. With the help of "knitting knitting wool" cold proof felt and new wall, ASA light composite wall has a large energy saving effect.

at present, the company has begun the construction of Datong Industrial Park of 300 acres of production base, realize the localization and industrialization, to focus on the development of large-scale solar heating and low temperature ceramic scale power generation, to provide quality products guarantee. In Datong, Gangcha, Republic of the people, and the Nanchuan Industrial Park, the implementation of a series of black, black porcelain solar building integrated solar heating, black heat-collecting farmers and herdsmen settlement demonstration project.

provincial science and Technology Department of the experts told reporters, black porcelain solar collector system if extended to 10 million square meters, has a annual production capacity of 3 million tons of standard coal mine. (author: rauzan)

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