Editorial building a new Qinghai to create a new life in a comprehensive well off

– warm congratulations to the province’s two sessions, the successful closing of

Provincial People’s attention of all provinces and the twelve session of the National People’s Congress meeting of the provincial people’s Political Consultative Conference of the first session of the successful completion of the successful conclusion of the agenda, we held a warm congratulations on the successful convening of the "two sessions"!


"NPC and CPPCC", is the eighteen and the twelve provincial Party Congress Spirit in the whole province, in-depth study and implement the party in the new historical starting point to accelerate the "four development", to promote the "three zone" strategy, implementation of the "two new" target in the process at a very important meeting. The meeting approved the "government work report" and other reports, elected in accordance with the law of the province’s new leadership of the state organs and representatives of the national "two sessions".


"NPC and CPPCC" is a democratic unity, the general assembly is the human resources, encourage the free airing of views, promote the development of the general assembly, is efficient and pragmatic, inspiring meeting is to change the style, austerity conference. The assembly has always been in a democratic, United, harmonious, pragmatic atmosphere, fresh will be the wind slowly.

"NPC and CPPCC" period, a new session of the National People’s Congress and CPPCC members, to tell the truth, tell the truth, speak briefly, carefully considered and discussed the report, to fulfill the sacred duties fully, emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts, opinions and suggestions put forward constructive proposals and on many major issues in the current reform and development, reflection the will of the people, to express the voice of the people, on behalf of the people’s requirements.


meeting approved the "government work report" on the basis of summing up the past five years working on the scientific analysis of the current situation of economic and social development, put forward the next period especially the general requirements, objectives and tasks, major initiatives this year. The "report" to summarize the past realistic, objective and comprehensive planning for the future, keep pace with the times, pragmatic innovation, is an excellent report to the people of the province to surrender, and is sent to the people of the province to mobilize the construction of new Qinghai, creating a new life, comprehensive well-off society to.

over the past five years, since the province’s reform and opening up the fastest pace of development, the best quality of development, the biggest change in urban and rural areas, the people get the most affordable for the past five years. In five years, the whole province, to effectively deal with the impact of the international financial crisis and maintain the stability of the complex situation, a strong earthquake in Yushu influence of the three test, the comprehensive economic strength increased substantially, urban and rural landscape has undergone profound changes, the reform and opening up greater strides to significantly improve people’s living standards, the reconstruction of Yushu made great achievements, and democratic legal system the government continues to strengthen self construction, creating a new situation of the implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, opened up a new realm of the construction of new Qinghai.

2012, faced with complex and severe domestic economic situation, the people of all ethnic groups closely linked to the development of the theme, the main line and the main path to steady growth, structural adjustment, focus on reform and improve people’s livelihood, economic and social development presents a good momentum of steady progress, good to see soon, "two new" and the "three zone" building solid start.

this "two sessions" loudly proposed to strive to achieve the "Qinghai dream";

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