720 thousand cars free access to our province high speed

Yesterday, reporters from the Provincial Executive Bureau, at 0:00 on February 7th to February 13th 24, the province’s highway toll station traffic total 7 (including 7) the following small passenger car free bus 727 thousand and 817 times, the average daily traffic volume of 104 thousand vehicles, toll free 13 million 398 thousand and 913 yuan.

it is reported that, during the Spring Festival, the province’s highway and arterial highway safety, traffic order is good, without the accident. According to statistics, during the Spring Festival, the province has put on the bus 19337 times, the total number of 543 thousand and 900 passengers, including 8 chartered vehicles, overtime car 370; completed 965 thousand and 100 passenger trips, an increase of 2.17% over the previous year.The

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