Government construction projects will be audited Xining audit bureau to strengthen audit supervision

June, the authenticity and legality of the guarantee amount of government investment projects, the audit bureau of Xining city government to save the investment of construction projects to improve the social and economic benefits for the purpose of exploring a new way to reinforce the supervision and auditing of government investment project.

This new way of

mainly include: the implementation of the government construction project will strengthen the trial system, the project construction unit of the sense of responsibility, the government construction project will be implemented in Xining city into the scope of the audit supervision of all government investment projects, unaudited, responsible person shall not dissolve the economic responsibility audit, to prevent the dead, leaving no supervision blank; supervision sooner, implementation of post audit to the whole process tracking audit changes, timely find and solve the existing problems in the management of the construction project, post supervision and advance supervision, supervision in combination; integration of resources, improve efficiency, strengthening the audit supervision of government construction projects; give full play to the social intermediary professional technology and the government audit supervision big advantage, realize the integration of resources, information, information, power, achievement, improve the quality of audit And efficiency, reduce the audit cost; the implementation of the government construction projects audit results announcement system, the government construction project audit results according to the audit announcement, strengthen the supervision of the people’s government and the audit work of construction project. To improve the quality and transparency of the audit work of the construction projects, to expand the audit results, and to strengthen the audit results. (author: Ma Jinping)


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