Cultural Huimin force Happy Village line with love warm people

"This piece is a good actor, the actor said to the ‘greedy prefix on a knife, greedy into the trap’, not only the truth speak well but also play with dialect also look good. If all the cadres think so, there will be no corrupt!" 72 year old grandfather of the horse after reading the dialect essay, the village of clean government, to the side of the family praised the road, this scene is in the evening of September 28th, the "Happy Village" tour started on the ceremony of the fifth.

after the autumnal equinox, the provincial capital of Xining has a deep sense of coolness, but the people in the center square in front of the stage there are many people gathered to watch the show, reluctant to leave. More than a dozen different types of programs, under the wonderful performances of the actors attracted the audience to send the provincial cheers and warm applause. Jin Wei’s frequent interaction with the audience is a small climax at the scene. He said, "I hope this humorous art form, can give everybody to bring joy in the slack season, so that everyone can enjoy the sweetness of taste brought by the cultural huimin."

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