Han Jianhua in the supervision and inspection of the national day of the fire safety work stressed t

9 month 30 days, led by vice governor Han Jianhua of Xining municipal government, the provincial public security department, the provincial public security fire brigade responsible person, in-depth Xining Wangfujing department store and Yiwu trade city and other places, on-site supervision and inspection National Day fire security work.

Han Jianhua line oexamine fire exit shopping malls is smooth, fire extinguishers, fire hydrant and other facilities are complete and easy to use, the fire control room personnel are familiar with fire emergency measures, can organize evacuation etc.. Focus on the fire safety and fire safety measures and the implementation of the division of responsibility for fire safety.

Han Jianhua, the province all localities and departments should focus on holiday crowded places and fire hazards prominent parts, and resolutely implement the production safety and fire safety measures, highly responsible to the people’s life and property safety attitude, further strict responsibilities, and strengthen measures to strengthen the social aspects of the full range of fire prevention and control, to ensure that the province’s fire safety situation remained stable. Look at the entertainment, inflammable and other key units, strictly implement the responsibility system for fire safety, fire management and security personnel to clarify responsibilities, improve the awareness of fire prevention and emergency rescue capacity to prevent the occurrence of fire accidents. To do a good job in fire emergency rescue work, strengthen the duty guard to ensure that in the event of alarm and accident, capable of quick response, start fast, fast, fast rescue disposal, let people have a rest assured, safe National Day.


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