The province has achieved remarkable results

in recent years, the Qinghai provincial price certification authority to strengthen the rule of law as the starting point to determine the price, to promote the administration according to law, the price determination work achieved remarkable results.

"to strengthen the people’s livelihood price regulation, good price dispute mediation, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the" price ", put forward several opinions" the CPC Central Committee and State Council on promoting the reform of the price system in the province, the Price Bureau certification according to law and justice that identified as the goal, actively play the price determination disputes mediation price the work function, effectively carry out the relationship between the government in the construction of key projects, land acquisition compensation price is beneficial to the people’s livelihood disputes mediation work, in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the key projects, played a positive role in serving local economic and social harmonious development. At the same time, strict price positioning functions and responsibilities identified boundaries, by creating "three mechanisms", taking the "three principles" for a series of higher degree of social concern, the people concerned about the major cases of price determination, the public security organs in a timely and effective fight against crime, judicial organs impartial conviction and sentencing, provided an important basis for maintaining social fairness and justice.

at the same time, to further strengthen the construction of the legal system of price recognition, in February 2015 to study the development of the Qinghai Province, the price of property management approach. And in accordance with the unified arrangements of the national development and Reform Commission Price Certification Center years construction of the rule of law, carried out in order to strengthen the rule of law consciousness, standardizing the recognition behavior, grasp the rules "as the main content of the rule of law construction activities. Price confirmation by strengthening the system construction, regulate the price behavior that, pricing identified technical specifications, improve the cooperation mechanism, strengthen personnel training and other specific initiatives, the price that the personnel in accordance with the law consciousness, responsibility consciousness, risk prevention and control consciousness strengthened, administrative ability has also been significantly improved.


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