The province’s agricultural and pastoral areas five star civilized households to create a working si

8 10, agricultural and pastoral areas of the province’s five star civilized households "to create the work site will be held in Huzhu Tu Autonomous County, the province’s experience summed up the exchange of agricultural and pastoral areas of" five star civilized households to create work, study and plan the next phase of work. Provincial Standing Committee, propaganda minister, provincial civilization committee director Zhang Ximing speech.

from the province’s cities and states, counties on behalf of Dan Ma Zhen Ma Cun Zhen Nan Jie, Weiyuan Dongdan communities, villages and households to detailed understanding of "five star civilized households to create work, and on-site interaction, 2" five star civilization demonstration households inaugurated. In the subsequent meeting of the forum, mutual aid County, Gangcha County, Huangnan IRS and other 7 regions and units on behalf of the exchange of ideas to create the work, the main approach and focus on the next step.

Zhang Ximing fully affirmed the progress of the work of the pilot counties and regions, units of exchange of experience and practice, to further promote the agricultural and pastoral areas, five star civilized households to create the work of the request. He stressed that to stick around the central task, from the understanding of "131" the overall goal of the overall and strategic perspective to further deepen the creation of the work of the "five star civilized households, positive innovation carrier, strengthen the demonstration effect, constantly sum up the experience of replication, promotion, promote the creation of long-term normal work. To strengthen the organization and leadership to create work, improve the working mechanism, open and fair, always pay attention to the implementation of dynamic management, and urban and rural mass production of real life more closely and combined to enhance the effectiveness of targeted job creation, to create jobs in the province the majority of families and become real air plant for our province to promote the urban and rural areas, the cultural quality of the people and the degree of social civilization and spiritual civilization brand.


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