Xining Municipal Housing Authority held a hearing on the demolition of housing

  October 29th, Xining City Housing Authority held a housing mandatory minimum administrative hearings, the hearing by many government departments involved in the whole process of hearing, accept social supervision, for the demolition and relocation of people is a good opportunity to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, effective defense, claim rights. However, the day of the hearing, the demolition has not appeared. Give up the opportunity to defend, to some extent, is to give up their own interests.

in recent years, the provincial capital city construction is very fast, old house demolition transformation has become the main way to change the city’s face. Demolition of the old, new, is the inevitable development of the city, through the demolition can improve people’s living conditions. Specific to each demolition, will involve personal interests, in the demolition and removal of the people who have differences, contradictions. What kind of way to resolve the contradictions, and ultimately to maximize the protection of their own interests for both sides of the demolition is particularly important. From the current situation of the provincial capital demolition, with the improvement of national and local laws and regulations, demolition behavior more and more sunshine". Relative to the individual or family of the demolition. The government’s laws and regulations are more acts of demolition of people, therefore, the demolition of the policy, laws and regulations more thorough understanding. Some people were taken when the demolition, but because of the use of inappropriate manner, attitude, at the same time, do not understand the relevant policies, can not be legitimate and rational use of laws and regulations to protect their rights and interests.

not long ago, the west side of the demolition of Mr. Wang complained of demolition, he was very angry to say that people do not talk to him, he would like to move back, but he was very poor to the floor. According to his reflection, the reporter found the competent authorities and the demolition. According to reports, Mr. Wang is small at the end of last year to determine the demolition, demolition began within half a year, the majority of households through communication, negotiation, agreement and the demolition, and signed the agreement, will also pick a new house early Huiqian floor, apartment layout. But Mr. Wang and individual households but I do not know what the reason is, in the demolition period, take not to talk, do not see the attitude of resistance, even if the government department staff repeatedly came forward, also eat cold-shoulder treatment. When Mr. Wang would like to talk about the time, the good floor of the housing has not moved back.

a government department staff said that the demolition and removal of the two equal legal subjects, legitimate and reasonable demands will be supported by the government. As the demolition of the people think that the request is unreasonable, the competent authorities may apply for administrative decisions. On the removal of improper behavior, compensation conditions exist, can not reach an agreement, the demolition of the same can be in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, apply for administrative decisions. The key is, the demolition facing demolition, the need to have a positive attitude, fully understand the relocation policy, communication and exchange, the demolition, through legal and reasonable procedures and methods, to protect their legitimate rights and interests are not infringed.


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