There are 10 HD digital court

City Intermediate People’s court to carry out the depth of the application of information technology as an opportunity to do a good job in the digital construction of the court, the court information platform to enhance the level of construction and utilization.

to build a high standard, high quality digital court, the hospital invested a lot of manpower, financial resources, material resources, has now built 10 high-definition digital court, and all put into use. Each equipped with digital high-definition digital court trial of an application system, a multi-function timing power supply module, a set of evidence display equipment, a set of digital sound amplification equipment, a computer, a large screen synchronous two high-definition camera, 5. Give priority to infrastructure construction, so that the court function is more perfect, more advanced facilities to ensure that the hospital digital court smooth development. At present, the hospital has been basically of synchronous audio and video recordings throughout the trial, the basic realization of every court will be recorded, as of March has recorded the cases of 152, in the form of data storage, backup, long-term preservation, convenient to judge the ability of trial supervision and inspection according to law trial videos of the parties. At the same time, the appropriate selection of high degree of concern of the people of the case of micro-blog live, take full advantage of the information network platform to further promote judicial openness.

It is reported that

, the hospital will increase investment, and strive to before the end of July the number increased to 20 in court. The construction of "digital" court, visualization, network management of the court, greatly enhanced the hearing effect and enhance the openness and transparency of judicial activities, to enhance the work efficiency, embodies the principle of "sunshine trial" open, fair and efficient, real.


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