The average monthly seized 54 black cars from the city of Xining and then a heavy remediation black

After rectification of last year, Xining City, illegal acts of illegal operation of vehicles has been effectively curbed, the market operation order has been sorted out, but the illegal trading behavior of individual illegal operation of vehicles still occur. For the complete consolidated last year hitting results, October 10th held reporter from the city yunguanchu to carry out the illegal operation of business conduct special rectification action mobilization meeting was informed that this month from 12 to December 31st, the Xining municipal transportation, traffic police, urban three departments will form a joint law enforcement group, continue to carry out rectification action against the illegal operation of vehicles.

and a heavy crackdown illegal operation

[content] regulation

[range] regulation


from illegal passenger business was seized, the illegal operation of vehicles will be withheld, the illegal operation of the first driver was seized by the transport department shall give 5000 yuan penalty; the second was seized by the transport department shall give 10000 yuan penalty; the third was seized by the transport department shall give 30000 yuan penalty.

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