Xining natural gas users exceeded 130 thousand

September 22nd, the reporter learned from the Xining petroleum Gas Co, the city has exceeded 130 thousand users of natural gas. Our city year work effectively promote the use of clean energy.

According to reports, since 2001, Xining has 133 thousand users of natural gas users, boiler users of 1260 units of 6770 tons, Fu Fu users (business), 520, industrial users, 130, 2510. The city’s existing CNG filling stations 15, nearly double fuel vehicles 7500. Natural gas users continued to increase, especially coming into the heating period, gas consumption increased sharply, to implement the gas situation in the upstream, this winter gas supply is guaranteed? Xining petroleum Gas Co to ensure safety of gas supply this winter, have all completed the supply facilities maintenance, the gas supply pipe network has been adjusted from dendrite annular gas supply mode. At the same time, ready for emergency repair spare parts, in the winter gas supply operations in the event of failure to achieve immediate treatment, rapid recovery of gas supply.

according to the reporter, Xining petroleum Gas Co Victory Road gas service hall after the renovation, the sale of gas window has been increased from 3 to 5, 11 outlets and Qinghai bank and post office, gas sale window has been fully able to meet the needs of gas purchase. Xining petroleum Gas Co also remind users to enter the winter heating period, please leaks with soap and water or indoor gas pipe washing water check joints, run out of cooking stove valve closed in time, form the good habit of gas safety. (author: Wen Ling Li Bei)

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