Xining Chong City ready to check

Any success is by no means a simple trick to win. With the introduction of the Central Civilization Office of public civilization index evaluation and evaluation of the ideological and moral construction of minors, the two days of Xining once again set off the climax of the creation of a national civilized city. August 25th to 27, the reporter went around to learn that, regardless of the city environment, public order, or the spirit of the public, we are ready.

it is reported that, in order to meet the city of field trips, the Xining city identified a total of more than and 590 points to the country as a random sample. Xining City, focused on solving the city infrastructure, public facilities, environmental sanitation, environmental protection problems, strengthen the public order rectification, at the same time, the key to solve the existing traffic order, market order, public order problems, and highlight the social and cultural environment to focus on remediation, in solving the Internet, Internet cafes and entertainment venues, around the school the problems in the "real" first, refine prepare Ying seized preparations.

reporter visited to see the people’s Park, the replacement of the gate of the park, the park has set up a public civilization volunteer service station, nearly two thousand meters of the fence to brush on the bright paint, Park Plaza every day there are 3 inspectors to persuade members of listing appointment. The continuous autumn rain let the provincial capital market is very muddy under the south gate, in order not to affect the normal life of the nearby businesses and households and business district, street office staff with a shovel, trash, a few hours clean out a clean street market. Near the school, many students use holiday in the last few days at the crossroads on the 54 street, West Main Street, road, bridge street and other places of persuasion uncivilized traffic behavior, let more people to participate in the work to create a national civilized city.

in addition, in order to do a good job in Xining city to meet the national civilized city evaluation index in 2012, according to the environmental health of Xining city in some areas is not good at present, individual citizens obey the traffic rules and protect public facilities consciousness, the quality of civilization is to be further improved, the Civilization Office of Xining, a city office also called on the general public to raise positive and to participate in the creation of the initiative, called on every citizen to enhance the sense of ownership, a force in the creation of the national civilized city activities, a responsibility, in the hands of their own "lens" records of uncivilized behavior around the phenomenon, and in the public environment dirty and messy, etc.. Proposal issued just a few days, they received nearly a hundred pictures and a lot of clues, the relevant departments to get the message after the first time rectification. (author: Zhou Jianping)


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