Xining special police arrived in Shifang to carry out the work of the police

  after 48 hours of continuous day and night, 10 June 4th morning, Xining police rushed to the disaster area to perform tasks on time to

reached the destination in Sichuan city of Deyang in Shifang, and was arranged in Jiandi town of Luoshui Town, with local police to carry out related work.

arrived at the destination, the city police immediately with the local police and the former deputy director of the provincial public security department to reach any three move to obtain

, a tent, a pitch camp, for the local police to understand the situation, in order to arrange the police mission

. According to reports, Luoshui town and Jiandi town area of 100 square kilometers, population 90 thousand. After the earthquake, the local public security form

potential is generally stable, but due to some school buildings collapsed in the earthquake, resulting in more than 290 primary and secondary school students were killed,

a lot of parents emotional instability, many petitioners, and even some people blocking the phenomenon of leading vehicles. In addition, very

many residents of the housing collapse, some of the property and the daily necessities of which buried, some criminals seize the opportunity to steal, there will be

residents living in the home to sell out, seriously disrupting the order of life of local people, resulting in the loss of property. Simultaneous

, in the distribution of relief supplies, because of their own components, different sizes, in the distribution of a number of small disputes caused by the case,

requires police to deal with. Local police in urgent need of police assistance.

understand these situations, led by special police to the earthquake stricken area commander, deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau Huang Shujiang and frontline

commander, special police detachment commander Zhang Baoli make arrangements for the local Party committee and government departments to increase the

bother to overcome the difficulties, in accordance with the requirements of the local police and the Ministry of public security arrangements to immediately carry out work to maintain the local

public order, on duty; to combat crime, protect people’s lives and property from loss; understanding of social and public opinion,

tune all parties to do their best to serve the people in the disaster area.


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