The latest information display and comprehensive utilization of hazardous waste in Qinghai Province

Qinghai Provincial Bureau of statistics released the latest information shows that the province increased hazardous waste comprehensive utilization ability, 2014, complete province of hazardous waste generating capacity fell 18.55% over the previous year; comprehensive utilization of hazardous waste amount of 1.1 times the growth rate of 45% over the previous year; comprehensive utilization of hazardous waste, increased by 27.7 percentage points over the previous year.

background links: hazardous waste is solid waste a waste for the special environment and human harm is relatively large, usually refers to the characteristics of toxic, flammable, corrosive, reactivity, leaching toxicity and infectious diseases etc.. The provisions of the "People’s Republic of China hazardous waste solid waste pollution prevention law": "included in the national hazardous waste list or identified according to the identification standard for hazardous wastes as stipulated by the state and method for the identification of hazardous characteristics of waste".  

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