Xining City District Li Chong City Poverty pledging military order

"to create a national civilized city, municipal government is determined to win, aim at will into target is area must complete the military order, we can only move forward, not retreat." In March 19th, the city of Xining City District create a national civilized city held a mobilization meeting to tackle, requirements for the strength, gather the wisdom of the nation, overcome difficulties, to promote, and strive to create the city every indicator into a bright spot.

how to do the job – refining the target responsibility

to reflect the "how to promote the city before a work, can not find the starting point, do not know what to do", this year the city district a city mission were refined, including a city of what to do, how to do, what time, what time to complete. At the same time, the city decided to convene a monthly city work will be judged and analyzed, for a certain indicator, analysis and evaluation, identify problems, discuss countermeasures, limited solution.

what to do to improve the quality of the public

for the current work in the city’s weak link – the quality of the public, this year, the city plans to carry out a series of civic education activities. Especially in community schools, moral lecture, voluntary service, austerity, civilized dining table, civilized persuasion etc., vigorously create a hospitable, honest integrity of the human environment, to enhance the taste of the city civilization. In addition, the city district will solve the city of illegal construction, traffic chaos, Jeeves, city "psoriasis", Beijiexiaoxiang mismanagement and other aspects of the outstanding problems, to provide the living environment for the people live and work in peace.

three – primary and secondary to find key

at present, the difficulty of creating a city in the city focus on hardware construction, household survey and financial input and other three aspects. In view of the difficulties in these three areas, the city will focus on breakthrough. It is understood that the city has started the construction of the archives, cultural centers, libraries are going all out to promote the project. At the same time, the problem of household survey, financial investment, urban areas have also made further progress. (author: Sheng Nan)

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