The implementation of efficient government Xining issued a total of twenty thousand business cards

Since 2011, Xining County proposed to expand the scope of reform to promote the business card, since the municipal official card application up to now, Xining city has issued a total of 19189 pieces of business card, activated 12974, effectively blocked the vulnerability management, improve administrative efficiency.

it is understood that Xining is currently carrying out business card "is the use of bank credit, personal credit card payment, reimbursement unit, a new official settlement of fiscal supervision", changed the use of cash settlement way, ensure every expenditure are open and transparent, to curb the financial reimbursement of collect ticket reimbursement, open, false invoices for reimbursement and other phenomena, effectively blocked the vulnerability management, reduce the occurrence of corruption. At the same time, Xining City Department of finance to the ministries and agencies established practices, "Xining municipal official card settlement application directory", to expand the application of business card, the district (including the park) in the budget units the full implementation of the official card reform, improve the business card card number and card rate. (author: Zhou Jianping)


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