Public Security Bureau stationed in the trading center police station security situation has improve

  Xining Public Security Bureau in the trading center of the police station, so that the security situation has improved.

is located in Xining City Industrial Park, Qinghai Nanchuan sesshu international carpet raw materials trading center is the five provinces in the Northwest’s largest livestock market, where the annual business customers more than 1 thousand. It can be said that the establishment of the market for the cultivation of our province characteristics of the industry, the regional radiation effect has a pivotal role. However, since the establishment of the market in June this year, a gang of criminals to a certain extent, interfere with the normal operation of the market order. In order to protect the legitimate interests of the operators, the fight against evil forces, in September this year, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Security Bureau Nanchuan industrial park consists of leading group rectification efforts to solve the park business environment, and the presence of policing in the trading center.

trading center management section chief Ma Shengfu:


after the South Branch of our market to carry out remediation, often on the police patrol on duty here, the market order, fair trade, fair competition has changed a lot. Previous to the field to a number of merchants have come back. Merchants feel very satisfied, very safe.

Xining Nanchuan Industrial Park Public Security Bureau, political commissar Li Xiaozhao:


we have a total of twenty-three enterprises in the area, mainly based on livestock products, the market is completed, the daily trading volume to reach about ten million. The Council assigned our bureau set up remediation team on the regulation of the market, we will help enterprises to establish technology, the coverage of could reach one hundred percent.


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