Wang Yubo stressed the need to do things to make farmers satisfied

August 1st morning, deputy secretary and mayor Wang Yubo went to Huangyuan county to conduct research on military enterprises build a model village in our city. Wang Yubo stressed that the government is not only the essence of enterprises build appearance change, more is to use this form of guidance, more attention, more social resources into the rural areas, introducing into agriculture, farmers, and actively explore effective ways to help support the countryside, agriculture and farmers under the new situation, boost the process of equalization of urban and rural in the development of basic public resources, to further accelerate the pace of rural development, the work is the needs of farmers, do what is the farmers’ satisfaction, with practical action and the actual effect of agricultural won the hearts of the people.

day, home of some farmers Temple Village Wang Yubo depth Huangyuan county countryside and Ba Ba Yan Yan Cun, understand the relevant situation investigation of military enterprises build a model village, and build units forum, listen to Huangyuan county government enterprises build a model village activities report.

Wang Yubo pointed out that the Huangyuan county and the city’s building activities and actively promote, with remarkable results, the highlights are frequent, making that build and launch measures, has been widely recognized by the masses of farmers and generally welcomed, that build work ideas in line with the farmers wish. This change is the appearance of the village, but the improvement of farmers pleasant mood, enhance the quality of their lives, they also stimulate the more prosperous happy life struggle of confidence and determination. We should borrow to build a good situation, to enhance understanding, to broaden the idea of the construction work as an important carrier of urban and rural development and a powerful starting point, and actively explore new ways of the development of agriculture from the aspects of construction, through the development, change the old village from the agricultural industry to improve the income of farmers, to build from the outside the mainland have continue to promote.

Wang Yubo asked the city’s relevant regions and departments, will work to build on the background and environment of social and economic development continues to promote, and do it effectively, mobilize all resources to tilt and into the countryside. Through the building, and ultimately led to the majority of farmers to play a subjective initiative in the construction of new rural areas in the positive development of the industry, the development of economy. The model at work to give full play to the demonstration village of grass-roots party organizations and Party members in the construction of the leading role, make demonstration village demonstration effect is not only reflected in the appearance change, but also in change and improvement. To combine planning and construction, combined with reality, history, environment, humanities, characteristics and other factors, combined with the overall planning of the new rural construction, do a good job in the long-term planning of village construction. To improve the village environment with the support of industrial development, improving people’s livelihood, will win the hearts of the people together, in industrial development, create rich opportunities for more research, more ways to organize requirements and active as a combination of more long-term ideas, solve some of the most realistic and the most urgent problem of development. (author: Shi Fei)

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