The spring of 2010 to start today Xining city traffic safety in the first place

for a period of 40 days in 2010 spring work started from January 30th, the city transportation departments at all levels from the source to the thorough investigation of passenger vehicle safety, strengthen the management of the driver, and the road check efforts to ensure traffic safety during the spring festival.

January 29th, held the city traffic bureau of the city’s road transport industry in the spring of 2010 work mobilization meeting was informed that, in recent years, Spring Festival passenger volume is expected to rise, passenger volume during the spring of 2010 over the same period last year increased by about 3%. City traffic bureau for city bus company and the taxi company to strengthen the management of bus and taxi management, requires safe operation, maintain good working order; the bus station strictly abide by the "three in five could not stand" system, namely dangerous goods not stop, do not stop, who is independent of the vehicle does not stop, the overcrowded bus station, not the security check out unqualified bus station, the driver does not meet the eligibility requirements of a bus station, a station and the documents are not complete "outbound registration form" unaudited signed out of the station; for long-distance class line is equipped with dual class drivers, driver fatigue driving is prohibited and sick. To strengthen the dynamic monitoring of the passenger train operation way, illegal behavior to detect and correct the driver. At the same time, the city Department of transportation will also check and improve the key sections of the highway bridge smooth, increase the Luqiao conservation and management inspection efforts; pay close attention to weather changes, improve road transport safety work to deal with the snow storms and other inclement weather, and actively take effective measures to eliminate the traffic safety, ensure traffic safety during the spring festival.

it is understood that the driving procedure of city traffic bureau will jointly Municipal Public Security Bureau to investigate the illegal operation of vehicles and in the vehicle Luantingluanfang and long time Lane showmanship and other illegal acts, prosecute unlicensed, undocumented, overcrowding, overloading, speeding and other phenomena, increase efforts to combat the bus station around the station, the illegal operation of the black car on the train, do not listen to discourage, hinder or obstruct the siege and law enforcement personnel, engaged in illegal operations of evil forces, according to the law to crack down, which constitutes a crime, shall be prosecuted for criminal responsibility according to law.


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