The six Thanksgiving activities to celebrate the teachers’ Day

September 10th, China will usher in the twenty-ninth teachers’ day, to promote community care education, support education, respecting the society, promote the sound and rapid development of education in our city, our city will focus on "singing teacher of the people, the theme of devotion education", carry out the six Thanksgiving activities to celebrate the teachers’ day.

it is reported that during the event, will carry out Thanksgiving activities to send blessings; carry out Thanksgiving, do not forget you a series of theme activities, vigorously promote the "Tak, Duxue, Chongwen, Zhiyuan Xining teachers organize students to carry out the spirit of newspaper competition, junior high school students in high school essay contest, carry out speech contest activities, the majority of education students often have" sense of teachers, teachers, thank you to read "feeling; carry out teacher’s Day theme of the campaign, focused on the promotion of our teachers dedication, love for example, help the poor, care for students, with the typical foundation layer, areas of countryside, spreading positive energy teachers selfless dedication, to create a good atmosphere for the whole respecting; carry out and visit and discussion activities, actively for the teachers to do practical things, help teachers to solve. To fully reflect the concern of the party and the government to teachers. At the same time, will also carry out teachers’ oath activities and review special performances, to vigorously promote the Xining education system teachers’ hard work, hard work and enterprising spirit, vigorously promote deeds teaching model, and vigorously promote the construction of teachers has made new progress, new achievements, fully display the teachers in the new period, the new face of the new image. To further promote the good habit of respecting, and strive to create a solemn celebration, respecting and positive festive atmosphere, arouse the teacher of teachers, love to teach music teaching, teaching and educating enthusiasm, promote the rapid development of our city health education. (author: Wang Xiaofang)

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