Warm up the local food to play the leading role

Recently, warmer temperatures, Xining City, a large number of local vegetable market, vegetable supply by a variety of factors such as the 10 major vegetable price monitoring, the average retail price of 5.8 yuan / kg, down 0.6 yuan / kg than last week. Small rape, lettuce, chrysanthemum and other dozens of local food market has become the protagonist.

in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau agricultural distribution center, all kinds of vehicles packed with vegetable market, a large number of listed chrysanthemum, lettuce, radish and other local dishes, vegetable prices than last week fell 1.2 yuan / kg, the cabbage and potatoes 1.6 yuan / kg, rapeseed 2.8 yuan / kg, tomatoes 3.4 yuan / kg, cucumber 2.6 yuan / kg. While foreign dishes, eggplant, garlic 4.8 yuan / kg to 4.8 yuan / kg, Longjiao 5.4 yuan / kg price stable "cattle most noble" dishes.

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