The eleventh agricultural fair closing our province picked golden embrace silver happy harvest

four days of "Eleventh Chinese International Agricultural Products Fair" in Wuhan in December 3rd ended, my province won the exhibition design award, best organization award, Han Yao fragrant rapeseed oil and other three kinds of products for Agricultural Fair exhibitors products award. Cumulative total sales of 6 million 100 thousand yuan, the amount of the contract amount of $248 million, sales and contract amount was higher than expected.

the afternoon of December 3rd, the three gold medal at the agricultural fair conference center of Wuhan Metro International Fair was born, because my province exhibition design simple, bright and practical, can fully show my province of modern agriculture and animal husbandry reached the height, achievements, and maximize the agricultural products of our province and the original ecological and geographical characteristics the pollution elements, impressive exhibition hall design award, best organization won two gold award the highest agricultural fair. The exhibition Demonstration Garden Exhibition in our province Han Yao fragrant rapeseed oil and comprehensive exhibition of yak meat, lamb flower flower nectar, Bao Boiled dumplings rape sesshu yak cashmere knitted garment products have three kinds of Agricultural Fair exhibitors products award.

a total of 50 projects, the contract amount of more than 5 billion yuan of agricultural fair signing ceremony, our province exhibitors signed 4 projects in the conference site, contract amounting to 248 million yuan, Qinghai and Northwest Natural Nutritional Food Co. Ltd., Qinghai Kekexili Food Co. Ltd, Qinghai Sri Jacques Biological Technology Co., Ltd. and Qinghai Sanjiang investment (source group) Corporation 4 agriculture and animal husbandry in Qinghai and Hunan provinces and Hubei leading enterprises and famous enterprises in terms of livestock products, dairy products and other agricultural products processing, procurement and distribution system construction reached a cooperation agreement, for our province agricultural products without sales outlets, no buyers, no defect in the central circulation transfer area.


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