The level of forest fire prevention a report on the forestry development of Datong Hui and Tu Aut

a major cause of sound. When the wheel of time into 2013, opened the forest fire in Datong book, we found that the two sets of data is most striking: in 2004 the county a total of 18 forest fires occurred, is the highest in 2012, the county a total of 6 forest fires occurred over the years, the lowest rate of fire. From 2004 to 2012, the incidence of fire decreased by 65%, and the burned area of forest land decreased by 75%. The level of forest fire prevention, from all levels of government to help each other, from the pursuit of the pursuit of forestry.

entered the forestry bureau of Datong County, has been the National Afforestation Committee, the Central Propaganda Department, the State Forestry Administration and other ministries awarded the "national model green county", "national green well-off county", "national forestry science and technology demonstration counties", "construction of three North Shelterbelt outstanding contribution unit" and "natural forest protection project demonstration point" "the protection of forests and wildlife resources advanced unit" and the honorary eleven greets a.

Party secretary Li Han

Datong County Forestry Bureau told reporters that in recent years, focus on the implementation of the "Three North" project and the project of returning farmland to forest area and high standard plantation, relatively concentrated, the frequent movement of personnel, fire eldfat area. According to the needs of forest fire situation in October 2011, Datong County Based on the existing three farm semi professional firefighting team on the first to establish the province’s first team of 20 people at the county level and professional forest fire fighting team, after the formation of the professional firefighting team, in the previous fire fighting in Datong County forest resource security and sustainable development of forestry plays an important role to achieve forest fires hit early, playing small, hit the target ".

dense forests, towering old trees, more than 100 kinds of irrigation, trees and woodland outline a pleasant, magnificent, Xining garden". Datong County, an area of 153 thousand and 900 hectares of forest land, accounting for the county’s total land area of 48.59%, the county’s total forest stock volume of 1 million 184 thousand and 500 cubic meters, the forest coverage rate of 38.1%, the county forest greening rate of 40.4%. The forest vegetation is mainly distributed in the Beichuan River and its tributaries at an altitude of 4000 meters below the valley sides, the territory of natural forest are the destruction of the original forest recovery secondary forest, the main tree species in Qinghai spruce, birch, poplar and small area of Qilian, Betula utilis and artificial larch juniper; main shrub species have small tillers, sea buckthorn Jin Lumei, Liu mountain.

in Datong County in recent years have to carry out the implementation of the natural forest protection project, returning farmland to forest (grass) project, "Three North" protection forest system construction and key public forest construction project, the forest area expanded rapidly, greatly improving the ecological environment. The county is rich in forest resources, a large number of wild animals, stable ecosystem, Xining is an important ecological barrier and water conservation. But at the same time, the amount of fuel in the forest area is increasing rapidly, which is easy to fire. According to the national forest fire prevention headquarters in 2009, "the national forest fire danger county level unit list", Datong County was identified as the first class of forest fire danger. In recent years, at all levels of government attention and the majority of forestry workers;

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