Selection of cadres in Xining ground gas will not do the exam useless

into study, is the most conventional method of selecting talents. But for a long time, this type of test selection also exposed such as the examination will not do, and other drawbacks, but not conducive to the selection of excellent, suitable talent. From October 13th, the Xining Municipal Office learned that the city of Xining has changed the method of selecting talents, focusing on the city’s key projects and key work, important reform, major activities and grassroots frontline in the discovery, investigation, identification, and appointment of cadres, cadres of the future will be more down to earth.

Xining formulated "on further improving the implementation of the views of" city management cadres, from establishing grassroots oriented employment oriented, rational use of cadres, cadres of all ages and improve the management responsibility mechanism and puts forward 16 specific measures. People in the party with outstanding leadership and the role of gatekeeper in the selection, strict performance of the procedure of selection and appointment of cadres, the democratic recommendation, recommendation and the Committee recommended the conversation combination for some important positions in the Municipal Committee in person, by anonymous comments and the nomination way, to further implement the cadres Democratic recommendation. At the end of September this year, a total of 22 mayors and county leading cadres and 1 state-owned enterprises are mainly responsible for the selection of vote. The city district efforts to increase the competitive selection of cadres, the first attempt to increase work experience, work performance evaluation elements, breaking test type selection, put forward "small weight link" and "full competition" selection mode, effectively solve the "examination work to do" problem.

at the same time, focus on the city’s key projects, key work, important reforms, major events and grassroots work in the first line of discovery, investigation, identification, appointment of cadres. In the 92 selected to participate in the Yushu reconstruction work of the cadres, has promoted 15 outstanding cadres; in the city’s major projects, to create a national civilized city, "military enterprises build a model village" and other key work, has promoted 18 outstanding cadres. In addition, we also adhere to the grassroots level training and selection of cadres at the county level vacancies, do three priority, adhere to the same conditions, the priority use of grassroots cadres and the work line. 2011 since general, the city’s total of 133 leading cadres, county (county level 38, deputy county 95), of which, 61, from the grassroots, accounted for 45.9%; mention 49, from the Municipal Department of work accounted for 36.8%; in the competitive selection of cadres and the recommendation of the reserve cadres, give priority to with outstanding cadres the basic line and work experience, the total adjustment of county-level reserve cadres of 681 people, which has a base line and work experience of more than 90%.


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