Xining Environmental Protection Bureau thoroughly investigation of sewage of Huangshui River mouth

from February 20th to April 10th, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau of environmental protection departments at all levels of investigation carried out thoroughly on the basic situation of the sewage discharge port Huangshui River, tributary.

through the investigation, the basic situation of Huangshui River tributaries of the sewage outfall, the number of species and sewage situation. According to the survey, at present, the city of Xining and three districts of the Huangshui River tributaries total sewage outfall 614, which organized outfall 382, fugitive emissions export 232; in addition the stormwater outfall discharge of sewage outfall, a total of 534, accounted for the total number of 86.97% sewage outfall. Light is the sewage discharge in Xining City Huangshui River tributaries in 487, in which no organization outfall 211, not clear sewage outfall 83 sources.

it is understood that the survey involved a total of Xining city including three counties within the jurisdiction of the Huangshui River and its tributaries of the river 10 major rivers on both sides of all the sewage outfall, Xining city is also the first time to discharge sewage in a comprehensive and detailed investigation of the Huangshui river. Through the investigation of GPS satellite positioning, describe the actual photo records and other methods for each sewage outfall have carried out a detailed investigation of the registration, the spirit of seeking truth from facts and scientific norms, not heavy leakage, accurate principle, establish a sound outfall information file and provide basic data for the Huangshui River governance Xining City, laying a foundation for improving the living environment and the creation of national environmental protection model city work.


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