Xining Land Resources Bureau chuangxianzhengyou activities to promote the healthy development of the


chuangxianzhengyou activities, Xining Municipal Bureau of land and resources around the hot and difficult problems of land and resources center and people’s attention, the "stick red land, the effective protection of basic farmland" as a priority among priorities, to innovation as the driving force, to improve and change the style of work, and strive to improve work efficiency and the quality of service, actively build a harmonious homeland, to promote the healthy development of the land resources management work.

the bureau pay close attention to target responsibility system for the implementation of the protection of cultivated land protection, the provincial government issued the indicators of decomposition to the city and county (District), township (street), the farmers signed the "basic farmland protection target responsibility book", to ensure that the city’s 144 thousand and 100 hectares of cultivated land and basic farmland protection area of 112 thousand and 600 hectares. Invested 28 million yuan to increase the intensity of land consolidation of the basic farmland of 1996 hectares. The city reported a total of 1064.67 hectares of agricultural land to the State Council, to ensure the smooth implementation of a number of infrastructure projects, livelihood projects, stimulating domestic demand projects. Strict implementation of the two notice registration system (ie land acquisition announcement, land acquisition and resettlement program announcement and land acquisition compensation registration), and actively implement and improve the government unified land acquisition system, to ensure that the land acquisition work in accordance with the law. Take the PCED, morals hotline, NPC deputies and CPPCC proposals and motions in reply, and consciously accept supervision by the masses. As of mid November, a total of 38 letters received and answered a letter of concern involving land.

was established in Xining city land reserve and land bidding auction listing committee, collective research, collective decision-making, determine the reserve plan and auction price, guarantee the auction open and transparent. And has improved and established the "Xining construction land grant after the regulatory system" and other nine systems, on the implementation of the strokes from the site of the people from all walks of life, in charge of leadership at all levels of responsibility system. Through the sound system, adjustment mechanism, operating for the full implementation of the tender auction listing transferring land transactions, makes the work more open, fair and transparent, revitalize the stock of land, promoting the sustained growth of the city’s economy.

to consolidate and deepen the style of construction activities in the operating system to carry out in-depth results, "enhance four abilities, strengthen the style construction of theme activities. The eyes inward to find the gap, begin from me the tree image "as a breakthrough, through revealing problems of work style, wind etc., a profound analysis of the reasons, clear rectification direction. At the same time, the society hired 10 morals supervisors, and held a forum for style construction good comments and suggestions. Organization supervisor style inspection team composed by service object identity, through the "see", "hear", "ask", conducted a thorough investigation of the global service jobs and services window, and the wind on the system work carried out periodically and inspectors, find out problems, and take effective measures and concentrate on rectification.


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