South Beach Party demonstration street party members to carry out business innovation activities

recently, the city of Xining City District Office of the southern Shandong South Beach Community Party and Nanshan Road, industrial and commercial joint of building materials to create "Xiang party demonstration enterprise" "civilized integrity management" "food safety demonstration shop" venture star "emerged in the six operating households awarding.

South Beach Street Party work for our party members to build a good business platform. In business, I have to keep in mind that he is a party member, worthy of the title." In awarding the scene, a decoration company manager said. Since the beginning of April South Beach Street Party committee and South Shandong community building "party demonstration Street" activities, building unit, District, Street Lane enterprises and business households become the subject of implementation created, actively carry out the civilized business integrity service activities, and actively carry out show party identity, credit services, ratio, ratio look, look at the effectiveness of environmental health, than order, more than three activities, three. South Shandong community party and Nanshan Road and after more than a month of visits, held competitions etc., selected the two party demonstration households, the integrity of civilization households, a food safety demonstration shop, a pioneering star. The jurisdiction of one operator said excitedly: "give us self-employed households award, is also encouraged to spur, in addition to law-abiding business integrity, return to society, we have to be more enthusiastic community welfare, lead support and participate in community work."

June 3rd, southern Shandong community director Wang Lijun said that the awarding activities, the party masses relationship more harmonious demonstration street, but also greatly improve the enthusiasm of the majority of Party members and Xiang building materials operating households.


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