Xining City District to carry out family responsibility physician service activities

in order to fully meet the needs of community residents to the community health service, with a family doctor team as the core, to serve as a support to the health of the residents as the center, the family unit, to provide basic medical and public health service for residents. April 10th, the city of Xining city community health service providers family doctor service activities officially launched.

The contents of the

family doctor service agreement are divided into two categories: free service project and selective personalized service project. Free services for the contracted residents to provide 9 free services, and according to the needs of the provision of basic medical services, first visit and two-way referral services. Personalized services mainly for the disabled selective rehabilitation program, guide and supervise the rehabilitation training; to provide health advice and guidance services on the empty nest and action inconvenience and the needs of the elderly; personalized constitution identification for family members, to carry out personalized medicine for health care, and provide family health counseling services. The development of family responsibility physician service will provide residents with convenient, fast, continuous and timely medical care services. (author: Su Jianping)

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