Support and guide the development of Xining industrial and Commercial Bureau actively cultivate agri

Xining industrial and commercial departments at all levels to give full play to the role of support, through support and guidance, support development, so that the city’s continued development and expansion of the broker team. At the end of September, the city’s total of 5 Brokers Association, various brokerage agencies 880, the staff of 3206 people. The rural broker industry involved in farming, aquaculture, agricultural and livestock products sales, freight industry, information transmission and other 5 major categories of 17 kinds.

this year, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau to foster the development of agriculture and animal husbandry agent as an important measure to promote the construction of new socialist countryside, to guide the cultural knowledge, a relatively high market economy consciousness is strong, has the ability to operate the masses of farmers and herdsmen with brokers. By holding training classes, held a forum, printed promotional materials, on-site lectures and other forms of education and training of agricultural and animal husbandry brokers, the first three quarters of the training staff of 752.

for the enhancement of the effectiveness of work, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau orders to vigorously support the development of agriculture and animal husbandry, and provide demonstration text brokerage contract, open agricultural broker registered "Easy Access", the implementation of the brokerage practitioners publicity system, registration and other related systems. This year the city identified 20 agricultural brokers as helping object, make their brokerage business development, Datong County Guoliang livestock product purchase and sale ministry of information and new North new village and other places farmers signed a 800 acres, 1000 acres of cabbage carrot contract; Huangyuan County agricultural agent Guo Yu victory with discount loans, in the Industrial and Commercial Bureau with the help of "dew" dairy companies signed a long-term supply of fresh milk; Huangyuan County agricultural agent Han Wu in Industrial and Commercial Bureau with the help of foreign businessmen signed a long-term supply of brokerage contract, promote the village more than 50 surplus labor force employment.

Xining City Industrial and commercial bureau to take the lead out, the introduction of the method for Xining and foreign brokers to build broker exchange platform. This year, 207 agricultural brokers held two fair, signed a total of agricultural and livestock products sales target agreement book 157, number signing up to 189 thousand and 200 tons. (author: Lu Hai)


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