Heaven will go to the region more than 20 city National Tour Xining Art Theatre Company has taken

According to the central and provincial general on the reform of the cultural system, Xining city to speed up the implementation of the cultural system reform work groups. In the process of troupes into enterprises, the municipal government to increase efforts to support the restructuring troupes, and actively guide the troupes reform to adapt to the market, to meet the demand, to create a vibrant cultural troupes.

art troupes after the reform, the establishment of the Xining Art Theatre Company, the integration of the existing city theatre and dance resources, improve the system, to carry out the work in accordance with the enterprise operation mode. The establishment of modern enterprise system, improve the introduction of strategic investment, decision-making, management, literary and artistic creation and salary distribution mechanism, with a new look, new ideas to the market. Xining Art Theater limited reform has taken a solid first step.

for the training team, unity of thinking, change the traditional ideas of workers, the company in the "paradise" – the gap region rehearsal activities, carried out in the spring of 2013 to expand the training activities. Through training, training staff to play spirit of cooperation consciousness, and let each cast employees recognize the relationship between the individual and the team, the dialectical relationship between personal power and collective power, to show themselves in the development, in the struggle to strengthen confidence, creativity and team cohesion strengthening. All the staff of ideological unity, keep step with, dedicate to tour all the preparatory work, and strive to show the excellent national people’s Highland children style on the tour, the city gave people a satisfactory answer.

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