Green vegetables red strawberry north city agriculture run in the forefront of the four areas

green vegetables, red strawberries, in the north of the city facilities agricultural base, in addition to enjoy the pastoral scenery, people can experience the joy of picking. In recent years, the north of the city aimed at urban agriculture, increase the intensity of investment and construction of agricultural facilities, with a high standard of solar energy greenhouse, fruit and vegetable base construction pace in the forefront of the four areas.

it is understood that, at present, the north area of Xining city has built green agricultural science and Technology Park, Xufeng ecological agriculture demonstration garden, Tian Hui Nongchao docking fruit and vegetable plantations high standard of greenhouse vegetable planting base 12, high standard greenhouses on thousand buildings. Base on the fruit and vegetable planting, sightseeing and picking, recognized species of adoption as a whole, to meet the needs of city residents return to nature and experience the leisure lifestyle of farm wishes. Vegetable base production accounted for more than 70% of the region’s total vegetable production. Among them, Eda vegetable planting base to become the province’s first agricultural super docking production base, the annual production of vegetables reached more than 1 thousand and 300 tons, the average daily supply of vegetables to the supermarket more than 7000 kg.

in order to improve agricultural facilities conditions, since this year, north of agriculture and animal husbandry, development and reform, finance and other departments from the provinces and cities for special funds, on the size of the region’s greenhouse vegetable base of water conservancy facilities renovation, enhance the level of greenhouse vegetable production, improve production efficiency. In addition, the construction of 8 large-scale farming area, more than 6000 breeding pigs and sheep, and select breeding large-scale pig farming community, plans to implement the comprehensive utilization project of pig farm biogas in the year, reduce farm manure emissions, protect the surrounding environment. (author: Fang Xu)

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