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Introduced by the Xining municipal government of the FIRST Youth Film Festival, has become a aims to provide more promotion, exchange, the film festival screenings works of college students and youth director; in a variety of ways to encourage and support young filmmakers and students China film creation Festival; a pure and vibrant new film festival. It is in the past four years, the University Student Film Festival on the basis of a comprehensive upgrade of the new concept film festival. The name of "FIRST", the core spirit is the festival held in your endless imagination (Imagine), run (Run) attitude, professionalism and team trust (Spirit) (Trust), to create a free film festival (Festival).

from highland barley it comes to Xining

in 2011, with four years of exploration development, Xining municipal government in order to further enhance the visibility of the city to build a new name card of city culture, accelerate the development of cultural industries to promote youth, youth cultural exchange, the introduction of "Youth Film Festival – Students Film Festival" project.

at the same time, in order to attract more young people to enter the film, the university student image Festival has been planning a broader way out. "A successful film show needs strong government public service support." , the founder of the FIRST Youth Film Festival, said that a good film festival is closely related to the growth of a city, such as the Cannes and Cannes International Film Festival, the Berlin Film Festival and the. FIRST Youth Film Festival China is the most precious youth film festival, Xining simple folk customs, high altitude, always give people the feeling is very pure and clean, is a so many young people will have the impulse of the city. After a visit to Suzhou, Wenzhou and other cities, the sincerity of the Xining municipal government and Xining’s unique environment for song and the final decision to join forces with Xining. "It must be a win-win process, which will show the World Film Festival and ‘great Qinghai’ to the world at the same time." Song said.

at this point, it is firmly committed to the pace, loaded with the dream of young filmmakers come to Xining, the new upgraded to "China · Xining FIRST youth film show". As the only one by a large number of well-known filmmakers awarded the honor to the students of movie lovers, the festival with barley as the source, take vigorous growth of highland barley upward, sharp head upright and young people, brave spirit of consistency of Italy, the condensation "Qinghai, barley, youth, youth" four words of wisdom and strength young people are not afraid, with a green dream for the brave spirit into Xining, named as "Qinghe prize award".

Acura youth it blooms in Xining

in August 28, 2011, with the "born" of a child in the oratorio, Chinese · Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival press conference in the Great Hall of the Golden Hall opened. In;

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