join the seafood barbecue what is the condition The whole

of nutrition what food items are not fresh seafood in Shanghai, is known as big things, of course now most people are eager to meet their demand for health from food, seafood and so have market business prospects.

seafood has rich nutrition, living in the inland people for such a delicious seafood is very popular, as can be imagined which eat barbecue is a big market, barbecue business will be booming, Bo seafood barbecue to provide consumers with a variety of high-quality barbecue category, meet consumer appetite, so seafood. How to barbecue? Let Xiaobian introduce.

how to join Bo seafood barbecue? I join the seafood barbecue what conditions need to be met? See the following details:

Bo seafood barbecue join conditions:

1, my identity seafood barbecue brand, a natural person with valid documents or legal documents.

2, y understand, identification with company business philosophy, to accept the company management system, is willing to work with the company to open up the Chinese market.

3, the franchisee must have a certain strength of experience, good capital operation, can maintain the normal operation of the store.

4, in the local has the appropriate store, can meet the daily operation of the franchise.

5, accept the unified management of the company, strictly abide by the company’s franchise contract, marketing programs and other regulatory requirements.

6, with good customer service awareness, and consciously safeguard the Bo seafood barbecue brand reputation.

7, must have the team cooperation spirit, and has certain management ability.

seafood barbecue join process:


1, telephone consulting brand join details

2, field investigation project details

3, signed a franchise contract

4, headquarters training

5, headquarters to help franchisees choose address

6, according to the requirements of the decoration

7, shop trial business

8, the official business



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