A sub total cost to join the fish

to say nutrition delicacy fish is, which is why in recent years the catering market fish in the food and beverage brands more and more one of the reasons why the fish are rich in DHA is a very nutritious food, a lot of people through the fish as raw materials to produce delicious food, and long time consumption of fish is very helpful to the body, on the human body have a good maintenance, people often eat not only good for the body, but the skin also plays a role of maintenance. Today Xiaobian introduce is a fish: carpenter son fish. The unique, the company produced by this method are compared with the traditional fish fish more prominent fish flavor, ensure the meat tender and nutritional ingredients, because our fish are fried out through the furnace, but the dish form like fish, so called ‘the son of fish, What a child how much fish to join


‘s sub franchise fee and fish join advantage:

‘s son fish joining fee:

franchise fee: 50 thousand

margin: 20 thousand

management fee: 20 thousand

per year

‘s son fish join advantage:

spicy power grab the future

hunger breeds discontentment in recent years, the catering industry is booming, and this one is the fish class catering project is the most popular among consumers, only a conservative estimate of the market capacity to roast fish within the next ten years to reach 20 billion yuan, therefore, the prospects for the development of a sub grilled fish is very impressive, has become the main battlefield of the future development of the catering.

unique taste of the market accounted for

‘s fish is very fragrant to sub polar fresh fish extreme delicacy primarily, and all kinds of fashion goods collocation pot, with its delicious taste of the fish in the market lead a person to endless aftertastes on fresh ingredients collocation become an independent school, unique secret spices, fragrant and fragrant, spicy feeling soft not to hurt the stomach, people love does not release mouth, repeat


The head of cattle


‘s son fish product line rich variety, the taste of a single fish broke market dilemma, not eating spicy diners can instantly fall in love with the fish, compared to other food model, a sub fish small investment, fast return, profit over many, the operation is more simple, customer favorite food, bursting with popularity, minute over Taiwan, do not want to make


‘s headquarters with sub fish regional protection policies strictly, any gaps in the market area preferred location, other shops in their 1.5 kilometers outside.

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