What are the whole at present difficulties in catering industry

catering industry has a market, which we do not deny. However, because of the huge number of operators, resulting in the existence of a lot of difficulties. If you want to run a good restaurant, naturally need to face these difficulties. So, what are the difficulties existing in the food and beverage industry?

some people think that the biggest difficulty in the food and beverage industry is human, water and electricity costs rising rapidly. But in exchange with entrepreneurs, this is not just the plight of the catering industry suffered a lot of industries will face the same problem. When the whole industry is facing the same problem, the industry still exists, that the problem is not injured in the sinews or bones of this industry, so the catering industry in addition to the whole industry said the problem, which is also facing the problem? Consider the following:

1. extensive family operation. A catering business can make a decisive step in addition to taste, more importantly, the founder of the process of courage. Do you just want to be a tyrant or do an ideal entrepreneur. So the catering industry cash flow too much, many entrepreneurs have only a little bit, after a little success is not willing to take risks to expand production.

of course, in addition to that, many entrepreneurs are kind of a food store too perplexing, you want to learn MBA courses according to the company’s way with the company, but the laws will cry, his ears and a soft, finally let them occupy an important position in his own company, so the company always wants to reform defeat.

The boss of

2., good, want to do marketing, but do not understand. In fact, many entrepreneurs can do a good product (I talked about the food and beverage enterprises in Chengdu more than 100), but do not know how to manage. Once a boss to find the author, would like to join them to do a whole consultation, to help them do a standardized manual.

at that time, the boss already owns six restaurants in Chengdu, but there is no one who graduated from college. Even e-mail also need to step by step to education. In fact, these entrepreneurs have great confidence to want to make the company bigger, but the lack of real professional managers to help them complete the final jump from the store to the company.

3. can not find a real large-scale standardized secret. In fact, the boss, have thought about the standard scale, but at first they might have the wrong choice, such as the choice of Chinese entrepreneurs in the field, such as Sichuan restaurant, the restaurant will need to cook, it is difficult to be standardized, because as long as there are people in the production of things is very difficult to do.

catering industry now has a lot of business problems, I believe that this is a business recommendation

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