Entrepreneurial breeding female champion Tang Jiayan’s bitter entrepreneurial story

chose to do poineering work such a road, each person chooses the reason is different, some people are completely for their own dreams, and some people may be forced to have to take such a path. This is Tang Jiayan, the hero of this article. Here, let Xiaobian with everyone together to know her bitter entrepreneurial history.

magic Cang mountain continual dozens of years, Cao Maolin deep, long Cang mountain clear sweet, nurtured generations of strong smart mountain men, this is not a woman, it is rushing all over the mountains and plains of sheep, return in the sun, how beautiful and happy scene. Who knows, after the woman, but had a gambler husband and a broken family. It is this woman, with seven goats, with a woman’s broad mind, have the spirit of hard work and indomitable spirit to win the gambling husband turn back, he has become a well-known cultivation of women".

believe a word: people are forced out of the

this woman named Tang Jiayan, is a well-known female breeding expert, city and district "top ten rural youth science and technology rich leaders", "38 red banner pacesetter". She walked up to the sheep Road to riches, can be said to be to join rebels, she said that "people are forced out".

she got married in 1983, her husband Liang Chunting is Cang Shan Peng village butcher, monthly income, small day gusto, but then her husband was addicted to gambling, not only BUTCHER MEAT money lose everything, but also owed a debt ass.. According to her husband later recalled, he often lost money gambling, the worst time is 34 value of 20 thousand he bought the shop from the neighboring villages Tang Yuan hogs, 2 hours is still not out of the Tang family paved the cleaners. Keep the meat does not go, the people who come to collect debts will not come, Liang Chunting sold the property mortgage, Tang Jiayan’s dowry, also owed $65 thousand in debt.

at that time, they are one family in rags, the house does not rain, cooking without rice. The Spring Festival, when the family reunion, Tang Jiayan dragged the children run and hide to avoid debt. People desperate will produce all kinds of thoughts at that time, Tang Jiayan thought of the field work, also wanted to divorce, even thought of death, but eventually she was forced out, she decided to prop up the husband got home to be reduced to fragments of a bad child, "Dad", can not have a my mother.

1993, Tang Jiayan changed 7 white goats with 4 dogs at home, the other in home financing of 1000 yuan to buy 38 lamb, she decided to use the sheep to create income family in Hukou, because she had the experience of young sheep. Easier said than done, Tang Jiayan generally want to do housework, while sheep, especially at the beginning of no experience, do not know how to train the leader, a flock of sheep in a circle on the four run, the urgent need to recommend the sheep everywhere

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