Taobao shop success business tips

online business has many benefits, do not need to experience what can easily get started, but many things are actually looks simple operation more difficult, Taobao is currently one of the hottest entrepreneurial venture in China, but the Taobao business is not so simple, opportunistic mentality of operating shops, ultimately doomed to failure. If you want to succeed in business, you must be down-to-earth. Here is a small series for you to introduce Taobao shop must grasp the basics!

first: solve the problem of logistics distribution

if the transaction volume is not large, logistics distribution problem is not obvious, but a large volume of transactions, logistics and distribution issues are particularly important. The shop owner to select the third party logistics distribution company, is currently on the market there are some companies, dedicated to electronic commerce distribution company, the cost is relatively low, and the quality of service and reputation are also good.

second: capital settlement problem

At present,

e-commerce platform, are more traditional settlement channels, such as postal remittance, bank transfer, but there are some e-commerce platform and online payment system for interface, can online transfer. But Chinese consumers are also worried about online payment, not dare to use online payment system. In fact, the online payment system is not an online store system developed by themselves, but generally by the bank or third party certified company, so there is no security problems. As a shop owner, it should be possible to give consumers more choice of payment methods, so that the completion of online transactions.

third: solve the problem of online reputation

as the shop owner, if you really want to make a career, we must pay attention to their online reputation, attention to the quality of goods and services to return, if the online reputation is poor, as long as consumers propaganda, the shop will come to naught, not a good thing to go out, bad news travels, is the truth.

fourth: shop location problem

high quality and inexpensive, is the eternal law of the business organization, who can find a good supply, who can get the lowest purchase price, who will have a good profit, or the price and goods and users are most concerned about the current. I suggest that the shop owner can be combined with a number of physical stores, some of the people responsible for the entity shop is not familiar with online marketing, which actually gives the shop owner a chance. Another advantage of doing so is that you can easily solve the problem of purchase and logistics.

fifth: source analysis

theoretically, everyone on Taobao can be our customer. < / recommendation

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