Mr Braque invested a bright future of nuts

sal Braque dried fruit? Delicious food, attracting the eyes of many franchisees. Join the Braque dry fruit project, open their own one of the dry fruit shop, Braque, the first step in the success of entrepreneurship. Sal Braque dried nuts? Good market opportunities!

let me take you to go take a look at the detailed situation of Xinjiang famous agricultural products franchise:

regional agent refers to the franchisee in terms of use of sal Blass brand in the region, "Mr Blass for the sale of original fruit, while in terms of area developed store franchisees or to continue to shop. Commitment to the headquarters of the region is no longer the development of other franchisees in the agreed area to develop other franchisees or to provide goods to his company and individuals.

"solo franchise refers to the franchisee can only be in store for the sale agreement" sal Blass brand original fruit. Right outside the headquarters of the scope of the agreement, to continue the development of the regional agent or franchisee store.

"shop to join that within your existing store, Sal Braque opened" sal Blass original dried fruit shop, "Blass brand for sale nationwide Sal sal Blass original fruit.

Xinjiang famous special agricultural products to other project cooperation mode:

channel cooperation: the channel edge companies, groups, organizations or social relations more resources of individuals, can be used by the headquarters to provide sourcing, sales are expected to use channel advantage partners, profit sharing mode of cooperation.

brand cooperation: we export the brand, combined with the partner’s products, channels to achieve win-win situation.

product cooperation: we provide products. Partners are responsible for the packaging to the sale of links, we have a certain price to sell products to partners, partners enjoy most of the profits.

Braque dried fruit to join, open their own thrall Braque dried fruit shop. Market development space is infinite, good market prospects. Join the Braque dry fruit project, has the advantage of choice, you are still hesitant what? Hurry up!

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