Guangdong jewelry to join the cost

for more beauty female friends, a beautiful jewelry ornament for the overall dress plus points, but also to highlight the trend of fashion, but also for the Guangdong jewelry to join investors have brought a wide range of business opportunities. Many friends have chosen to open a Guangdong jewelry store. So open a jewelry store in Guangdong, the cost of investment in the United States about how much?

preferred jewelry to join several levels of analysis

at present, the domestic market has a large number of jewelry brands, uneven quality. Also, the main jewelry positioning is also different, there are low-end, interrupt, high-end and high-end products, which are divided into different age jewelry, to meet the needs of different age women jewelry.

jewelry is how much money to join


domestic jewelry to join the cost is generally between a few thousand dollars to 50 thousand. Jewelry investment costs are joined by investors to choose the size of the decision, each brand’s fees are not the same. The size of the store is also an important factor in determining the shop funds. Open a 30 square jewelry store costs and the cost of joining the 60 square jewelry is certainly different. In addition, some brands also need to charge a certain amount of margin.

small jewelry stores can bring big returns, which contains huge business opportunities is naturally small venture investors preferred to invest in Guangdong, however, jewelry stores, the most important thing is to understand the investment problems, accurately grasp the business opportunities, how to clear market investment profits and other issues, such as in order to better control the budget.

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